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Might and Magic: Heroes VI




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El equipo de producción de Heroes 6

I Dev Team Q&A about present and future of Heroes VI - 1/5

From left to right:
Hélène Henri, Gary, Arcángel Michael :), Julien Pirou, Samantha Bailly,
and in second range Alexis De Becque and Erwan Le Breton.

The Heroes 6 production team (Gary Paulini, Alexis de Becque, Hélène Henry and Julien Pirou) has answered some of your questions about the game and what is coming next. Check it out now:

Q01 - First of all, Heroes VI 1.2 patch have been working since a few weeks from now but some people still see the game a little green. What can you say about 1.3? Will be there a long waiting for us due to full townscreens incorporation or can we expect a light patch soon?

  • I am sure you might have seen Irina’s announcement (link: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/660743-Heroes-6-Patch-Communication-%28starting-with-the-patch-1-3%29 ) about 1.3 patch. So yes, the new patch is coming by end of March and yes, we are committed in the long run regarding Heroes VI support, including the Town Screens.

Q02 - The AI behaviour seemed to be ilogic under certain circumstances before 1.2 and now it works better. Are the DEV Team still working in this area or do you think you reached the top?

  • AI behavior is one aspect of the game we intend to improve in the future and we’re currently investigating the subject.

Q03 - Excluding the dynastic artifacts, we cannot find any normal one like a sword or an axe in the "weapon" slot. Why? Do you plan to add some more through patches?

  • The purpose of the Dynasty Weapons was to have 3D models that would appear in the hand of the Hero on the adventure map, and to make sure these weapons were superior artifacts, linked to the Dynasty feature. They could definitely be part of additional content.

Q04 - On adventure mode, some players think that Magic heroes work better than Might ones due to healing spells. Any word about it? Will you focus in balance tweaking or could we expect some new Might ability?

  • We are aware of these issues and we are working on them. Balancing process is a very complex and delicate process, as it can break the game and upset thousands of players. So we’re taking our time to find the best solution.

Q05 - Another thing related with the previous question is obviuosly about the Blood and Tears (B&T from now on) paths. There is a little improvement in damage spells (Blood) after 1.2 but some players think it isn't enough compared to healings (Tears). In fact, there are some abilitys like Power of the Horde which makes more damage than a "Meditated implosion". Will you rise the damage spells output a little more in the future to compensate that?

  • Same answer as above

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